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We’ve been there. Managing a fleet is no easy task. And neither it is to attract more customers while focusing on your repair shop. That’s why Vapross will blow your mind.

  • Imagine a platform where fleet managers

    can connect GPS and find the closest top-rated service providers

  • While shop owners

    have map placement and gain new business—all free of charge.


A free-of-charge platform?

Why are we doing this?

Fleet Manager


Shop Owner

Because we experience the same daily challenges as you.

We are a diverse team of fleet managers, breakdown dispatchers, truck drivers, shop managers, and independent mechanics who know the problems of the industry and want to do something about it. Our mission is to make truck repairs mutually beneficial for both fleet managers and truck repair service providers. We are Vapross: Forging Business Relationships.

And that’s not all…
Why Us

Vapross Inspections

We understand the challenges faced during equipment inspections. Our mobile app and dashboard streamline the inspection process, allowing users to easily upload high-quality videos and images. This ensures detailed and accurate reporting, making it simpler to identify and address issues. Experience the convenience of managing all inspections directly from your mobile device, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your workflow.

It’s a 3-way winning scenario:

  • Efficient Inspections

    Upload high-quality videos or images for detailed inspections.

  • Seamless Integration

    Easily integrate with TMS servers and other fleet management tools.

  • Partnership Opportunities

    Collaborate with us to enhance your fleet management solutions.

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Vapross Interactive Map

We understand the challenges that both fleet managers and truck repair service providers face in this industry. That's why our platform streamlines the truck repair process, saving time and money for fleet managers and providing a steady flow of business for truck repair service providers.

Interactive Map

Fleet Managers

Stop using countless apps to get your fleet management work done.
Get access to an easy-to-use, personalized map that allows you to:

  • Connect your trucks’ GPS,
  • Find the closest repair shops,
  • Check shops’ Google reviews,
  • Filter by type, location, and ratings.

Shop Owners

Increase your reach with free map placement on Vapross.

  • Step out of the shadows.
    Get instant, free access to our Interactive Map.
  • Whether you're a private or corporate truck repair service provider, we understand the distinction between the two and offer you the best platform to grow your business and attract new clientele.
  • Accurately gauge the popularity of your business and explore more marketing and analytics opportunities with our paid features.


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