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Fast Performance

Experience quick and efficient video uploads with no logins needed.


Choose the quality you need for your uploads, ensuring clear and detailed inspections.

Flexible Media Options

Upload either videos or images based on your preference and needs.

It's Simple

With Vapross, conducting equipment inspections has never been easier or more efficient. Our app allows users to upload high-quality videos or images directly from their mobile devices or through our website. Whether you are on-site or at your desk, you can capture and share detailed inspections with ease.

  • High-Quality Uploads: Ensure that every inspection is thorough and detailed with our support for high-resolution video and image uploads.
  • Convenient Access: Upload inspection media directly from your smartphone or through our user-friendly website interface.
  • Detailed Reporting: After uploading, you can easily categorize the equipment condition as either 'Good' or 'With Problem.'
  • Comprehensive Comments: Add detailed comments to each inspection report to describe the issues observed or any other relevant information.
  • Efficient Management: Streamline your inspection process by keeping all reports and media organized and accessible.

Let’s take it by Step

Your can whatch video or take it lower for steps!

First Step

You can acces app with QR code Scanned or By accesing link.

  • Select

    Select inspection you Needed

  • Press on Button

    After you will upload Images or take a video depending on Inspection

Second Step

Its important!.

  • Good Condition

    Good contodion means you have no problems with your equipment

  • Bad Condition

    Bad Condition Means you find an issues with you equipment

Youre Done

Thanks for being with us.

  • If your inspection was in Good conition

    Your are all setted up

  • Bad Condition

    Bad Condition Means you find an issues with you equipment !
    Important your must inform persons responsible anyway

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes for upload videos you must have an QR code or link to be assigned videos

Yes videos will not be sharable and you can delete it any time.

Yes with applications we have a posibility to improve quality of video and pictures

Your if your a fleet manager can view edit delete any videos add it to histiry

No video after deletion are removed , we dont keep any copies of it.

You can easily contact us on sell phone or via email that is lower on website

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